Togate Empire

The Togate Empire was founded in the year 681 (356 years before start of campaign).
The official language of the Empire is Common.
The Empire is a federation comprised of a multitude of islands linked by a network of teleportation circles. These circles are used to transport people and goods through the empire, even when the islands that comprise it drift far apart from each other.

Most high-level decision making is done by a 5 member Imperial Council, which does not include the Emperor. However, the Emperor does have the ability to unilaterally make decisions, which is generally only exercised during national emergencies and times of war.
There is also an 8 member Arbitration Council which is responsible for resolving conflicts between citizens and between different parts of the Empire’s government. Most of their work is delegated to judges and advocates, and most cases are settled before reaching the Arbitration Council.

Many islands follow a similar form to the overall empire, with a Governor, a 5-member Governance Council, and an 8-member Arbitration Council for the island.


Togate Empire

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